About Us

MyShop Agent is a Buying Agent based in Pakistan for online shoppers in Myonlinewebstore.org. Our mission is to make buying items in MyShop convenient & safe by offering buying & shipping solutions to our valued clients.

We offer highly professional service rooted in our core values: CompetenceConvenience & Reliability. We are results-oriented, so you can be assured we deliver quality service. Whether you are buying for personal or business purpose, our service is designed to add value & optimize your shopping experience.

About Our Company

MyShop Agent is owned and operated by Private Company, based in Karachi. The Company’s founders have diverse background and live in Pakistan. our founders experienced how hard it is to buy from China. They established the Company in 2017 with the goal to make buying from China in Pakistan easy.

About MyShop

MyShop is the Technologies Chinese global online marketplace in Pakistan. Founded in 2017 by the Usman Kaleem Group, it serves as an online retail service, mostly made up of small Retail businesses offering products to local online shoppers only.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly by:

Pakistan Tel: +923341220357

WhatsApp: +923341220357

Skype:  itusman6@outlook.com

Email: usman@myonlinewebstore.org